Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic

Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic slot

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Sorcerer’s Guild Of Magic is a fantasy style UK slot developed by Playtech, based on the theme of magic and spells. If you are a fan of the mystical side of this online slots casino, this new release will be perfect for you.

Sorcerer’s Guild Of Magic Slot

 Enjoy HD glowing symbols, impressive graphics and full device compatibility in this newly released Playtech slot. This slot is made for those looking to bet big, with extra high betting ranges and strong payouts to create high cash jackpots. With Multipliers, Wilds and other added bonuses, this slot certainly keeps things unique, fresh and original. See the magic and alchemy for yourself and enter the Sorcerer’s guild here at, and we will give you 500 Free Spins on your first stake as a new player.

Magic & Mystery

Sorcerer’s Guild Of Magic by Playtech takes you inside the mystical home of a sorcerer, filled with magical items and plenty of colour. With a dark and mystical design to the slot, this game features a beautiful design which is full of wonder and magic. The reels are full of various colourful gemstones, spellbooks and potions to keep the game looking visually appealing and unique. As far as formatting goes, there is nothing majorly unique in this game with a simple 5x3 reel design. This means even if you are a beginner player, you can understand this simplified slot as it follows the usual design used by usual slots. The betway pattern is also on the more simple side, with 10 ways to win. This keeps this basic and easy to follow, which can also offer a strong variance and great chance of winning.

Multiplier Wins

The main selling point of Sorcerer’s Guild Of Magic is the use of Multipliers, which give a serious boost to the potential wins of this slot. Without them, you are working with basic wins such as 50x your bet. With the Multipliers in action, you can win big jackpots such as 1,000x your stake. Another unique feature to this slot is the betting limit of €500 per spin, which gives you lots of freedom when choosing your own stakes. You can also bet as little as €0.10, making this slot accessible by all players here at Rose Slots. Last but not least, the variance of this slot is also extra appealing, at an above average RTP of 96.09% - this means you have a pretty good shot at winning these payouts. 

Wild Magic

Sorcerer’s Guild Of Magic is all about the symbol swaps and wild features, aside from the multipliers in action. These features include wild features in Random, Stacked and other forms to keep the slot unique and volatile. There are also Symbol Swaps in action to take out the low value symbols that nobody wants, and replace them with big winning symbols. These bonus features give a huge boost in this slot, in terms of your chances of winning and the jackpot outcome.