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Full Moon Fortune By Playtech

 Full Moon Fortune Is a mythical themed slot developed by Playtech, featuring a slight horror concept with a focus on vampires and werewolves. If you prefer a spooky side of the slot, you will enjoy the design and concept of this game – which is fully compatible with all devices to be played wherever you desire. Aside from the theme, you are likely to be drawn in by the use of a free spins bonus round, multiplier features, prize pick bonus round and the chance to win over €2000. *All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time. As far as online start school, this game has it all – bonus features, a strong variance, big payouts and a very fun theme. Try it for yourself online at RoseSlots.ie to take full advantage of our welcome offer and receive 500 free spins on your first bet as a head start.

Myth & Legend

Full Moon Fortune May not be for everybody, as it is slightly scary and spooky in its design. This game is based around mythical creatures including vampires and werewolves, featuring a very dark and mysterious design. If you are a fan of Halloween inspired games with spooky visuals, you cannot get much better than this classical slot. Over the visuals may scare you, the format of this game certainly will not as it is very beginner friendly and accessible. You are playing with 5 reels and 20 ways to win, a standard design for all games which is typical of these developers as they tend to make their games as accessible by many players as possible. You can play this game in confidence that you are working with plenty of chances of winning, including a fair RTP rating of 94.01% at this online slots casino.

Full Moon Fortune gives you the chance to win up to €2500, as long as you are willing to bet with the right stake. *All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time. As this game runs on multiplier payouts, what you put into the game will influence what you get out of it. As you can bet up to €100 per spin, there is some strong potential to produce some high payouts here. Also, one of the bonus features of this game is multipliers which can be as high as 25x, meaning any pay out of this game has potential to be improved at any time. 

The Features

Full Moon Fortune gives you the chance to access a wide range of bonus rounds and features, keeping you on your toes in this spooky themed game. The two bonus features include a prize pick bonus round, where you can win real cash prizes over €2000. *All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time. Another bonus feature is the free spins bonus round, where you can win up to 50 free spins as well as activation of a helpful 5x multiplier. Although these two bonus rounds are great, the real focus of this game is the multipliers as they can boost payouts by up to 25x!