Dragon Kingdom

Dragon Kingdom

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Dragon Kingdom By Pragmatic Play

Feel the hot rewards that are to be won when you spread your literal ‘win’g span in Dragon Kingdom - Eyes of Fire online slot by developer Pragmatic Play, available to enjoy at the lair itself called Rose Slots Ireland. The numerous rewards on offer will certainly not make the gameplay ‘drag’on in any way as the excitement starts on the first spin with fire breathed on the reels.

From the surface, Dragon Kingdom - Eyes of Fire online slot can be construed as somewhat basic with 3 reels, 3 bet rows, and 5 fixe payways to win, yet there is much more than meets the dragon’s yellow slit eyes. First off, the graphics are immersive and very nicely illustrated as it feels as if you have stepped into a Dragon’s cave where gold coins are scattered on the floor. Learn how to train the dragon, and those gold coin could quickly become yours. While the blue dragon acts as the highest main symbol with a x4 multiplier on your initial wager, the Wild dragon eye symbol represent the Wild with up to a x5 multiplier when it stands in for all other symbols aside from the Scatter. There is also an AutoPlay for non stop dragon flights of consecutive spins. The total average Return to Player is an estimated 96.5%. This marks the online slot as a slightly higher variance whereby players have a somewhat better odd at winning higher awards on any win combination as a smaller series of payouts that happen more often. Designer Pragmatic Play stands by their titles as creating a gameplay that is engaging and has an ease of use, and this is particularly reflected here where Dragon Kingdom - Eyes of Fire online is fully formatted on all devices and platforms such as on desktop, laptop, and as a mobile slot. There is also a modest bet span from a minimum of 10c to a max of €25. *All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.

The top prize is an incredible x 1,250 multiplier on your initial wager. For a relatively simple style of slot, this is incredibly generous. What makes Dragon Kingdom - Eyes of Fire online slot particularly thrilling is the 4th reel that appears next to the 3 reels which is called the multiplier reel. This multiplier reels ranges from x2 to a max of an amazing x50. How a player can reach the coveted dragon egg of a x50 multiplier is by simply non winning during a spin (which is essentially a win win). This then increases a cauldron above the 4th reel to a number levels. After 4 winless spins, this multiplier goes up to x5. After 14 winless spins, this progresses up to x10, and after 24 winless spins, this jumps to an amazing x50 multiplier. *All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time. This helps compensates for the lack of wins the came previously. So hop on your dragon in Dragon Kingdom - Eyes of Fire online slot and fly over to Roseslots.ie to grab all the coin payouts in the secret cave lair.